The Elite Law Firm Package

Nina Lim

About The Elite Law Firm Package

This done-for-you program offers services which at least 3 separate employees will have to be hired for.

We will be your RECEPTIONISTS / SALES REPRESENTATIVES. We answer all your calls and route them appropriately, or otherwise be your initial sales representative who can speak of your offers or rates. We do all scheduling and follow-ups for you until engagement and intake.

We will be your FIRM MANAGER / ADMINISTRATOR. WE can set up SOPs as well as audit your current practices and offers and assist you in creating and building new ones that become your evergreen offer.

We will be your EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT and vet your emails and respond for you. We will manage your calendar and manage all scheduling necessary for the firm or practice.

We will be your CUSTOMER CARE SPECIALISTS. You will not need to worry about client retention and current clients or past clients referring you to other potentials as we will take such good care of them, they will have you on their speed dial.

We offer other done for you services, such as: Billing, CRM specialists, Proofreading, Public / Extemporaneous Speaking training and creating Blog Content specific to your practice.

We have companies we work with when it comes to IT services (specific to law firm compliance) as well as Marketing services.

We have limited spaces available per month. Book a call or a visit with Nina Lim, so you don’t miss out on your chance to build your profitable practice NOW.

The Elite Law Firm Package

The Elite Law Firm Package is one tailored specifically for your practice, your employees and your law firm. Nina knows the best ways to make your practice profitable, your employees productive and your law firm cranking up matters like a well-oiled machine. Your revenue will soar and you will be known as THE BEST of the BEST in the legal profession.

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