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Bye bye Big Law Firm…or not?

Are you considering starting your sole practice or leaving your big law firm to start your own small one? Do you think it will be easy? I don't write horror stories, but yours might end up being one if you don't have the proper knowledge and ideas, much less a mindset that does not work for such an enormous move.

Whether you are just beginning your sole practice or wanting to leave your big shot employers, you need to be definitive on what you want to achieve when moving from paycheck to profits (if you even see the second "P" quick enough). Ask yourself first, why do I want to break free from the big firm? What are my goals? Maybe you want more time for yourself, your family or to scale your "own" practice? Whatever your reasons are, it must come from a place of understanding and an awesome attitude.

I know that you already had a great deal of training in law school. You have extensive knowledge of legal matters and the practice of law, but maybe you think you lack the business acumen necessary to seriously consider getting this lofty idea off the ground. By all means, sometimes jumping into the unknown is a good thing. Instinctive confidence is something law school will not teach you, however, it is a big deal when it comes to figuring out whether or not you can pull this off.

In the big law firm you work for, you are given responsibilities, assigned tasks. You provide legal advice, draft legal documents, file lawsuits and pleadings or argue cases before a judge or jury. If you transitioned to your own practice, you may still be doing all those, except that will be your own boss. This may be beneficial, or otherwise, depending on your mindset and attitude. Really, you will need some seed money too, to start.

Straight out of law school, the idea is you have all you need to create a good practice and a lucrative one at that. That may be true, but the reality of it is that when you begin your own practice, you take a loan out on yourself, secured against future earnings. Good on you if you are able to inherit a practice or even funding to start one on your own.

Unfortunately, if you were not born into either, your grind will be a little bit tough. I definitely am not one to say that the Universe will not provide or you have to work really hard, as I do believe in men's laws but I also believe in laws of the Universe. Believing in the Universal laws of attraction actually have you with one foot in the door, however, manifesting the full realization of a law firm requires us earthlings to do a little leg work too.

Am I saying that you should not leave your big law firm to start your own sole or small practice? Absolutely not. I say FOLLOW YOUR DREAM - to any dream. However, one has to take into consideration other work needed to be done to "create" a fully functional practice for it to be sustainable and scalable.

Working with you to fulfill your desires is what I am known for. I can help you start and scale your practice. I offer complimentary consultations, though only offer my services to a limited number of clients quarterly, so you may have to wait from one to 3 months for my team to start working with you on this, but I assure you, you will take your practice to heights of "BADASS-NESS" you always dreamed.