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5 Amazing Qualities Associated with Mental Resilience

Being mentally strong and emotionally resilient is an amazing quality in itself. But mental resilience breeds a number of additional qualities that are equally amazing.

Here are 5 powerful qualities that are unique to mentally resilient people:

  1. Acceptance

Mentally resilient people understand their limits. They have confidence in their inner strengths and abilities but also understand that external things are out of their control.

In situations of crisis and adversity, they understand that bad things happen and that it’s not their fault. They don’t waste their time feeling guilty, blaming others or playing the helpless victim.

Acceptance is a powerful tool that prepares a resilient person for unexpected change and negative situations. When they encounter difficulties, they roll up their sleeves, assess what needs to be done and take decisive action.

This is why mentally resilient people are often found in leadership and management roles. The quality of acceptance enables them to roll with punches and bounce back stronger than before.

  • Self-awareness

Mentally resilient people are very attuned to their inner needs as well as to their external environment.

Over time, that quality becomes so strong that they are able to rely on their intuition to large extent and allow it to guide them in ambiguous situations.

They become so self-aware and intuitive that their gut feeling is almost always right. This is simply stunning.

Their high self-awareness also makes them empathetic to others, which gains them popularity and trust.

  • Flexibility

Because they understand their limitations, mentally tough people are also flexible and adaptable. Blind stubbornness is not part of their mindset because they know they don’t have all the answers.

Their self-confidence and humility make them open to criticism and they never hesitate to seek help or advice when they need it.

  • Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an ancient practice advocated by Eastern spiritual philosophies. Today, science confirms that it is a powerful quality that fosters emotional healing and mental resilience.

Mindfulness is simply being in the present. It’s focusing on what’s happening in the moment without judgment and without avoidance.

A mentally resilient person actively practices mindfulness because it increases mental clarity and focus while eliminating distractions.

They are able to give full attention to the issue at hand neutrally and without negativity. They don’t ruminate about the past or feel anxious about the future. For them, being grounded in the present is what helps propel them forward.

  • Gratitude

Mental resilience brings a heightened awareness of how abundant and generous life is despite the hurdles and pitfalls.

In difficult times, a mentally resilient person will always reflect on all that they have to be thankful for. They will register appreciation for their good health, the wonderful people in their lives and so many other things that we often take for granted.

When you are resilient, even small things like a sunny spring day or a spectacular sunset can make your heart overflow with thankfulness and optimism.

Gratefulness breeds fortitude, [patience and resolve because no matter how tough things get, you still have so much to be thankful for.


Mental resilience is a skill that can be learned and mastered. Hopefully, you have been inspired to start building mental resilience to change your life.

The qualities discussed in this article can also be developed through consistent practice. But oftentimes, they are a natural outcome of mental resilience that will begin to develop on their own.

Think of all of these amazing qualities and how, when they all come together, can literally transform you. Don’t you think you should start developing your resilience today?